Yummalicious Room Spray

The scent can linger for a long time, but is more intense when used on fabric in the room.  Although there is oil in this spray, it is very diluted and I have not found there to be any staining issues on fabric.  I would suggest testing it on a hidden area before spraying.  A list of suggested fragrance combinations is below the recipe.  Always add a bit of oil at a time, as oils have varying levels of scent intensity.

Ingredients & Supplies

  • 14 oz (or more) spray bottle
  • 14 oz water
  • Essential oils (see list below for suggestions)


Cap bottle and shake to blend ingredients.

Suggested Fragrances

Clove Oil

Rose Oil

Orange Oil

10-15 drops lavender oil

10-15 drops rose oil

10-15 drops sweet orange oil

5 drops lemongrass oil

5-10 drops lavender oil

5-10 drops clove oil

10-15 drops clove oil


2-3 drops lemongrass oil

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