Essential Oils

Although many people use no essential oils for the practice of oil pulling, there are a number that can enhance the effectiveness of the carrier oil you choose. Just be sure that you use a good quality oil, even though it is not ingested. Only a drop or two is generally needed.  The following is a chart of essential oils and their uses.

Effective Essential Oils




flu, colds, sore throat, viruses, swollen glands, antibacterial, anti-inflamatory


dental health, pain antiseptic


dental health, detoxification, antiseptic


detoxification, colds, sore throat, antiseptic, anti-nausea


pain, sore throat, antiseptic, anti-nausea


stress relief, headaches, anxiety

Note: The information provided in these pages are the result of my own research and practice and not intended to replace any kind of medical advice. As always, please inform yourself about any and all practices.

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