Oil Pulling

Oil pulling seems to be the latest trend in homeopathic health care, with more and more people trying it out. In actuality, this is an Ayurvedic remedy that has been around for centuries. It is gaining popularity in a time when many believe that there is something to be said for trying remedies that involve less chemicals being put into the body.

Oil pulling uses one to two teaspoons of one of a variety of carrier oils, with our without the addition of a variety of essential oils. The oil is swished in the mouth and pulled through the teeth vigorously for five to twenty minutes at least once daily. At the end of this time, the oil is spit out, NOT ingested.

It is said that the practice of oil pulling can be effective in a variety of ways, from promoting basic oral health as well as helping with any number of other issues. Among these are allergies, skin problems, headaches, insomnia, detoxification, pain, sinusitis, congestion, etc.

It is recommended that you keep a journal of your oil pulling practice in order to find what the effects on you are so that you may tweak your practice accordingly.

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Note:  The information provided in these pages are the result of my own research and practice and not intended to replace any kind of medical advice. As always, please inform yourself about any and all practices.

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